Insurance Valuation

Insurance Valuation

Despite a boom in insurance sector worldwide, most of the people (especially in developing countries like India) are under insured and thus, badly require an insurance valuation to claim the right cover for their valuable assets in case of an accident, theft or any other disturbing situation. For, all insurers across the world ask for proof of value from a certified valuation company or agent before releasing any compensation for their insured objects or property.  If you do not valuate your assets properly, you may either over insure or under insure your property. In either case, you will be the one to lose. If you over insure your property, you will have to pay extra installments to get the cover, while under insurance will significantly reduce actual value of your property and thus, cover in case of a miss-happening.

This is where the professional services of a licensed insurance valuation firm or valuator come to the picture. For they follow the state laws strictly and provide thorough valuations, covering all the aspects in detail, of assets and other valuables to make sure that their clients get the right cover for their property in the event of partial or complete loss. You can find valuation firms that do valuation according to the needs and requirement of clients, as they are the ones who have more understanding of products and assets likely to get valuation.

Accurate Surveyors Pvt. Ltd. provides only formal valuations on the basis open market value. We provide insurance valuation services with the peace of mind that your property and asset is safely insured for the right amount with Accurate Surveyors Pvt. Ltd. If you consult other companies for the valuation they will ask you for the valid proof of the value of your property or asset before they will insure it. Our teams work for insurance valuation state the market value or replacement value of your property.

Insurance valuation is becoming important day by day. People are now more concerned about their security for the property and they will take help from the valuers. In India, there are many valuers who works for the clients for valuation purposes but only registered and government approved valuers report is valid in case of any loss or legal work.
Insurance valuation should always be done by the registered valuers for future security. Valuation insurance helps you at the time of sudden natural calamity happen like fire, flood, theft etc. at that time insurance companies will ask you the fair value of your property before they will provide you insured insurance.

Insurance valuation is the valuation of insurance cover of a property, an asset or other things which can be insured. It is mainly a risk or safety management used to hedge alongside the risk of unforeseen loss. The policy holder or insurance holder buying the insurance policy whereas policy seller is known as insurance carrier. Insurance valuation state the replacement value of your property keeping your insurance happy. The amount of money to be charged for a certain amount of Insurance coverage is called the premium. Insurance valuation provides evidence regarding evidence cost. Insurance valuation approve casualty insurance coverage is acceptable to rebuild the property in event of casualty.

General insurance comes into the insurance other than life insurance. It contains stuff against fire, theft etc .There are personal insurance that cover health insurance, accident, and liability insurance which have legal liability. Insurance is essential for the upcoming to defend belongings from any property loss against business loss. General insurance can be occupied by any person to protect its property or stuff from theft, fire or any other natural disaster.

Accurate Surveyors Pvt. Ltd. are here for insurance valuations. We offer personal care to every client and understand their necessity accordingly. Our skill and professional team will follow the legal method for any valuation:

  • Communication : Accurate Surveyors Pvt. Ltd. connect or communicate with the clients personally and try to recognize their requirement for insurance valuation
  • Diagnosis : After having communication, our professional and skill team will analyze the complete matter and prepare a report for this.
  • Analysis : Our specialized team evaluates the complete matter for before preparing final valuation by selecting different techniques or methods for valuation.
  • Documentation : Once diagnosis or analysis is done by our skilled team, concluding documents should be prepared which provides the complete facts of insurance valuation

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