Specialised Property Valuation

Specialised Property Valuation

We know that any kind of property can be divided into non-specialised and specialised category depending on the type and use. We also know that the market of specialised properties is considerable more diverse than that of the non-specialised properties market. The prime reason for this diversification is that specialised properties often do not transact on a regular basis which leads to non-establishment of the price of property and subsequent lack of comparison with previously sold similar assets.

The specialized property valuation services provided by Accurate Surveyors Pvt. Ltd. focuses on meeting the customer’s demand of analysing the specialized property and post that preparing the valuation report which is precise and easy to understand. Our proficient valuers conduct the valuation that is performed by using popular and widely recognised methods. Apart from these industry accepted methodologies we also apply the unconventional methods of specialized property valuation based on legal framework.

We carry out the specialized property valuation using a structured approach that is executed in the following stages:

  • Every information concerning the specialised property to be valued is collected by our valuers
  • The standards defining the goals of the valuation process are then determined
  • Values and significance and units of measurements of evaluation parameters are defined
  • Final valuation report based on above information is then prepared and made available to you


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