Property Transfer Valuation

Property Transfer Valuation

Property transfer means giving property to your family member or near or dear ones. But it's not that much easy you are thinking, it is always safe to take a legal help. Property can be transferred in case of death, sell your property or gift it to another member. Property can vary from unit to apartment, flats, houses or farms.

Whenever you decide to transfer your property, you should have some basic knowledge before transferring your property. A property can be transferred by three deeds Gift deed, sale deed and relinquishment deed. If you are transferring your property to the family member or your relatives than better way is to gift it or relinquish it.

Accurate Surveyors Pvt. Ltd. help you to give the best advice while transferring your property to family member or relative. This valuation can be done on market value. We have to analyses the property deliberately. Property transfer valuation is also depend upon the location of the property, quality of construction, maintenance of the property and major part is infrastructure of the property.

There are so many Valuers in India who help their clients by software and this software will give you rough idea about the property and here in Accurate Surveyors Pvt. Ltd. every valuation is done by the professional. We have a team for valuation services who will focus on a particular services or client like property valuation, property transfer valuation, land and building valuation, visa valuation, capital gain valuation, jewellery valuation etc.

Accurate Surveyors Pvt. Ltd. follow a standard process for the valuation of reports. After completion, reports should be sending to seniors for review or finalization of valuation. Our team works on client individually.

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